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Carers' Survey Results 2016

Dated: 13-Apr-16

We recently sent a survey to all patients on the carers register to encourage feedback on the service that we offer carers and to assess if carers were aware what was already in place at the surgery.

We sent out 133 surveys and had 49 returned to the practice. We would like to thank all those that returned the survey, it provided us with valuable information on how our service is viewed and how aware carers were about what we offer. You can view the results here.

We have devised an information leaflet which should answer some of the questions raised on the returned surveys. Please click here for a copy of the leaflet.


The Grove Medical Centre is working together with Carers in Hertfordshire to offer support to patients of any age who have caring responsibilities. This includes parents of children with learning difficulties or young people who are carers to parents or other family members. Many people do not see themselves as carers. They are simply someone's parent, child or friend.

If you look after someone who is ill, frail, disabled, has mental health problems or misuses drugs or alcohol YOU ARE A CARER. Caring can be a 24/7 job that can be demanding and isolating. Carers in Hertfordshire will be able to connect you with the relevant organisations and support networks. They offer advice and you will also receive regular information sent directly to you.

Complete a carers form from reception, we will update your records and pass your information onto Carers in Hertfordshire. All registered carers can pre-book appointments for themselves and the person they look after.

Kim is our Carers Champion at the Surgery. Contact her if you require further information.

Please download the document below if you are a registered carer and return to the surgery reception.

For more information on Carers in Hertfordshire please visit the Carers in Herts website.

Kool Carers

Young Carers are children and young people between 9-18 years who help care for family members who may be ill, have a physical or mental disability, or drug or alcohol problem.

Carers Bereavement Group

Carers in Herts welcome carers who have lost the person for whom they cared.

They run a series of free sessions which we hope will help you to:

  • Share your experience with other people in a similar situation. 
  • Help you to find your own way to cope and move forward. 
  • Get the information you need about other support and services which are available to you.

The sessions are run by an experienced team of volunteers who will be present at all sessions to offer a listening ear and support.

Bereaved carers living anywhere in Hertfordshire are welcome to attend.

Confidentiality is respected within the group at all times.

If you would like more information or would like to talk to a member of the Bereavement Support Team, please email contact@carersinherts.org.uk or call 01992586969.

Or visit our website www.carersinherts.org.uk.

Cross Roads Care - Hertfordshire South

Cross Roads Care is a registered charity providing support to Carers and the people they care for. The  provide a wide range of support offering practical and emotional help to Carers and the people they care for in their own homes. They offer Information, advice and sign posting to other appropriate or useful agencies.

They aim to provide high quality, flexible services which respond to the individual needs of Carers and the people they care for, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

They provide our services throughout the boroughs of Hertsmere, Watford and Three Rivers.They were established in 1990 and have years of experience in developing and delivering a quality service to Carers and people with care needs.

Today they employ over 100 Care Support Workers, looking after the needs of the community.

They Provide:

  • essential breaks from the stresses of caring for people of all ages and disabilities. 
  • the special quality of care that gives carers the peace of mind to let someone else step into their shoes. 
  • support to people who live on their own to allow them to live independently. 
  • a high quality service that is audited against the standards specified in CROQUET - Crossroads own evaluation tool, the County Inspectorate and the Care Quality Commission. Crossroads Care Hertfordshire South carries out client satisfaction surveys throughout the year, with all Carers and service users. 
  • trained care support staff, who are managed, supervised and supported to work with a wide range of people with varying needs and disabilities.

For full details visit their website: www.hertfordshirecrossroads-south.org.uk.

Carers Passport

Carers can apply for a Carers Passport which is a discount card for family carers and caring friends.

Free CDL Courses and Workshops 2015/16

Carers in Hertfordshire Carer Hub Support Groups and Peer Led Groups

The main purpose of these groups is for carers to offer each other practical and emotional support.

View information about each group including the date and location of each meeting.

Carers Newsletter

Carers in Hertfordshire Hub volunteer newsletter.