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Maternity Care

Antenatal Care

Antenatal care is the care and help you receive from health professionals during the course of your pregnancy. It is important you take good care of your own health and that of your unborn baby during pregnancy.

As soon as you find out you are pregnant, you should book an appointment with a doctor to be referred to the local hospital of your choice for your antenatal care. Barnet General Hospital have weekly appointments at the surgery and Watford General Surgery hold weekly clinics at the BECC Centre.

For more information, please visit the following websites.

External Sites:

Download the NHS Pregnancy Tracker for your Desktop, find out more here. - NHS Choices

The Pregnancy Care Planner - NHS Choices

Antenatal Care - Lifestyle Advice - NHS Choices

Videos from NHS Choices:

Antenatal screening helps you manage your pregnancy better and lets you know how your baby is progressing. Two mums talk about what screening involves.

Childhood Immunisations

Invitations for routine childhood vaccinations are sent to you by the health authority. On receipt please contact the surgery to make an appointment at the Wednesday afternoon immunisation clinic.

Please note immunisations will only be administered if the red book (parent held record) is brought to the appointment. This book contains information on the child's full immunisation history and ensures that your child receives appropriate care.

If the child is brought to an immunisation appointment by some one other than a parent, the carer MUST bring a consent form signed by the parent, listing all the immunisations to be given and the appointment date.

A list of the immunisations and the stages are which they are given are to be found in the child's red book (parent held record).

If your child receives vaccinations at any other surgery or clinic please inform the surgery so our records can be updated.

Health Visitor

The Health Visitors are provided by Herts Community NHS Trust.. Please contact Elstree Way Clinic on 020 8359 8500 to be given the contact information of the Health Visiting team responsible for you.