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Nursing Services

There are three nurses and two healthcare assistants working in the surgery.

All of them help run appointments for both general nursing services and for specialised clinics. Appointments are made through the receptionists.

Patients can make an appointment with the nurse without seeing their doctor for minor injuries, general or holiday immunisation or vaccination advice and for ear-syringing.

However, patients must see their doctor first before blood tests or special tests or investigations can be arranged. Patients may be asked by their doctor, or invited by letter, to attend special clinics run by the Practice nurses that monitor chronic conditions such as Heart disease, Asthma, Diabetes and Hypertension - or for monitoring medication such as Contraception or Hormonal Replacement therapy.

Blood Pressure Checks

Patients are welcome to ask for the Health Care Assistant to take their blood pressure. They are able to make an appointment through the receptionist.

The HCA will be able to refer you on to the doctor appropriately but may conduct other tests to help the doctor make a decision about the treatment or measures necessary to try and bring your blood pressure down to normal levels.


Patients may require attention and treatment for minor injuries, burns, animal bites or skin problems such as leg ulcers.

These can be seen and assessed by the practice nurse or HCA who can ask for a doctors opinion if necessary.

Please the receptionist about this if you require care for a leg ulcer. The nurse is not qualified to assess injuries that might involve a fracture.

Heart Tracings Investigations & Tests

Your doctor may ask you to have blood tests, other investigations at the surgery or hospital x-rays or tests after a consultation or as part of a regular review of your medical condition. These should be booked through the receptionist after seeing the doctor.

Blood Tests

If you require blood tests the doctor will give you a blood request form for you to take with you to the phlebotomist or person who takes the blood sample. Blood tests can be performed at the surgery or Wellswood House or Barnet Hospital by appointment only.

At other times the doctor may ask you to have tests at the surgery such as swabs taken for infection, an ECG or heart tracing, or other special blood pressure, circulation, breathing or hearing tests. 

Ear Syringing

The HCA is happy for patients to book an appointment to assess the need for removal of ear wax by gentle syringing.

The practice uses a electronic ear syringing device that is more comfortable for patients. Patients with sudden hearing loss or a history of ear discharge or a previous perforated eardrum should see their doctor first. 

It is often necessary to soften ear wax by first using ear drops for a week beforehand. Chemists will be happy to advise you of the sort to buy though a small amount of warmed olive oil is usually sufficient. 

Children do not normally require ear syringing.

Holiday Vaccinations & Advice

The Practice nurses are happy to advise you on recommended health precautions for your foreign travel.

Fill out a Travel accinations Request form via our Online Services.

This may require vaccination according to the country or countries you are visiting and the time of year you are travelling.

The nurse has regularly updated information about the recommended vaccinations required for each part of the world and will be able to advise you if new or booster vaccinations are necessary after looking at your immunisation records. 

You should make sure you book an appointment at least a month in advance of your travel in case more than one vaccination has to planned after an interval to provide full protection.

Patients are warned that some specialised vaccinations are not provided as part of NHS services and maybe relatively expensive, requiring a private prescription to be paid by the patient.

Prescriptions to prevent malaria where necessary are also not provided under the NHS terms of service though in general are quite cheap and again these will be provided on a private prescription.

Hospital 'after' Care

Patients may leave hospital after an operation and require further dressings or wound attention and later removal of stitches. 

If too unwell or weak these can be dealt with by the District Nurse at home who is normally contacted by the hospital beforehand.

The District nurse can also be contacted through the surgery receptionists who will contact them for you.

Otherwise you should make an appointment for the practice nurse to redress wounds or remove sutures