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Repeat Prescriptions

Patients who need regular repeat medication and have had this approved by their doctor can order a repeat prescription in the following ways:

  • By visiting our Online Services.
  • By sending us your computer slip with a stamped addressed envelope and ticking the items required. (Correct use of this slip is a great help to our staff.
  • By leaving your computer slip at reception after ticking the items required and picking up the prescription two working days later.
  • By faxing details of the items required to us on 0870 890 2529 and picking up the prescription two working days later.

Nearly all repeat medication will need reviewing at some stage and you should discuss this with your doctor when you are seen for the condition that requires treatment. A review of your medication will also be indicated by a message on the computerised Repeat Prescription order form attached to each prescription. This also indicates the number of further issues of repeat medication you may have before seeing your doctor again

Always order your prescription in good time - don't wait until your tablets have gone. We regret that we do not allow our staff to take prescription requests over the telephone, to avoid the possibility of dangerous mistakes.

Some chemists will collect your prescription from the surgery for you.

Collection of Repeat Prescriptions

Your Repeat Prescription request will be ready for collection in two working days - either from the surgery or from the chemist nominated by you.

Please come after 4.30pm to collect your prescription. The prescriptions are not signed by the doctors until after lunch and therefore are not usually ready for collection until late afternoon.
Failure to collect your medication within a month of requesting it will automatically lead to its destruction by the practice.

Private Prescriptions

If you have been to see a private consultant you should obtain your first months prescription via the private prescription you have been issued. If you are to continue with the medication prescribed by the private consultant subsequent prescriptions may be issued on an NHS prescription. This is at the doctor’s discretion after reviewing practice and PCT policy on prescribing. These prescriptions will also take 48 hours to produce.

Hospital Prescriptions

Any medication issued from the hospital must be collected at the hospital pharmacy. If it then needs continuing we will prescribe once we receive consultant letter.

If a consultant signs you off work, you must provide the first medical certificate. This needs to be issued by the consultant.