Practice Updates

13th Sep

Help Yourself To Health - Cardiology

Tuesday 24th September 2019 at 7pm,  Fairway Hall, Borehamwood, WD6 5BT

The Grove Medical Centre and Fairbrook Medical Centre are co-hosting a Health promotion event focusing on Cardiology on Tuesday 24th September 7pm – 9pm.


GPs and Nurses from both Practices will be on hand to measure your BP, height and weight and discuss any concerns you may have. Other health groups and services will be available to offer advice and explain how they can help improve your health.

We have a Cardiology Specialist delivering an education talk from 8pm. There will also be light refreshments available.

We hope to see you there!

Click here to download the event poster

10th Sep


What is sepsis?

Sepsis (also known as blood poisoning) is the immune system’s overreaction to an infection or injury. Normally our immune system fights infection – but sometimes, for reasons we don’t yet understand, it attacks our body’s own organs and tissues. If not treated immediately, sepsis can result in organ failure and death. Yet with early diagnosis, it can be treated with antibiotics.


Sepsis can initially look like flu, gastroenteritis or a chest infection. There is no one sign, and symptoms present differently between adults and children.

How to spot sepsis in adults

Seek medical help urgently if you (or another adult) develop any of these signs:

  • Slurred speech or confusion
  • Extreme shivering or muscle pain
  • Passing no urine (in a day)
  • Severe breathlessness
  • It feels like you’re going to die
  • Skin mottled or discoloured

How to spot sepsis in children

If your child is unwell with either a fever or very low temperature (or has had a fever in the last 24 hours), call 999 and just ask: could it be sepsis? A child may have sepsis if he or she:

  • Is breathing very fast
  • Has a ‘fit’ or convulsion
  • Looks mottled, bluish, or pale
  • Has a rash that does not fade when you press it
  • Is very lethargic or difficult to wake
  • Feels abnormally cold to touch

A child under 5 may have sepsis if he or she:

  • Is not feeding
  • Is vomiting repeatedly
  • Has not passed urine for 12 hours

Did you know:

  • 25,000 children are affected by sepsis each year in the UK
  • 1/4 of all sepsis survivors suffer permanent, life-changing after effects
  • 5 people are killed by sepsis every hour in the UK

For further information please visit the UK Sepsis Trust website -

4th Sep

Missed Appointments For Week 04/09 to 11/09

Nurse's x 34

GPS X 36


29th Aug

Flu Clinics

We will be holding three Walk in flu clinics on the following dates. There is no need to make an appointment as these are walk in clinics only:
Saturday 21st September 2019 08.30-10.30 – OVER 65’s ONLY*
Saturday 12th October 2019 08.30-10.30
Monday 28th October 2019 18.30-20.00

*Please note that due to nationwide issues with flu supplies, we will not be receiving a delivery of flu vaccinations for adults under 65 (who are in an at risk group) until October. Because of this we are unable to offer the Flu vaccination to patients under 65 until 12th October. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Seasonal flu is a highly infectious illness caused by a flu virus. The virus infects your lungs and upper airways, causing a sudden high temperature and general aches and pains. You could also lose your appetite, feel nauseous and have a dry cough. Symptoms can last for up to a week.

You may be invited for a flu jab if you are:

• over 65 years of age
• pregnant
• a main carer for an older or disabled person
• living in a residential or nursing home

or have:

• a serious heart or chest complaint, including asthma
• serious kidney disease
• diabetes
• lowered immunity due to disease or treatment such as steroid medication or cancer treatment
• if you have ever had a stroke
• ALL healthy children who are aged 2 and 3 years of age on 31st August 2018 – this is in the form of a nasal spray.

This year Public Health are recommending FLUAD for patients over 65 years of age – As you get older, your immune system gets weaker – FLUAD is a flu vaccine that specifically helps to protect those over 65 years old.

The nasal spray will be available to patients under 18 from early October – Dates to be confirmed.

If you have any queries please contact the surgery.

External Websites
Flu and the Flu Vaccine – NHS Choices (please make this writing a hyper link to -
Children’s Flu Vaccine – NHS Choices (please make this writing a hyper link to -
Which Flu Vaccine should children have? – (PDF)

29th Aug

Closure on Tuesday 24th Sep PM 12.30pm – 6.30pm for staff training

Closure on Tuesday 24th Sep PM 12.30pm – 6.30pm for staff training

13th Aug

Change of Computer System

The Grove Medical Centre is changing computer systems on Wednesday 11th September. There will be disruption to our services between Monday 2nd September and Friday 13th September. We kindly ask that you bear with us during this period as all staff will be working extremely hard to ensure that there is a smooth transfer of systems, whilst also learning the new computer system from scratch. Please see below for the disruption you may experience.

Wednesday 11th September – Go Live Day

On Wednesday 11th September ONLY, we will be operating the following opening hours:
Telephone lines 9am - 6.30pm
Reception main entrance 9am – 6.30pm
We will only be offering emergency GP appointments and limited Nurse Appointments on this day!

Routine Appointments

You will be unable to make routine appointments with any clinician during the period of 11th to 15th September. Should you require a Routine appointment please contact us after 15th September.


As there will be some system downtime, we advise that if you need your next prescription between the 4th September and 16th September, please can you order before the end of August 2019. We will not be issuing repeat medication during this period.


We will be unable to register new patients between 28th August – 16th October. If you would like to join the practice, you may provide us with your completed registration forms and we will hold on to these until after 16th October.

Patient Online Services

Due to the change in system, all patients registered for online services will need to re-register with the new online services platform called Patient Access. This will allow access to book appointments, see your detailed coded record and order repeat medication. If you would like to be set up with the new online services, please speak with a receptionist after 16th September.
Please note that you will no longer be able to request prescriptions online from 4th September.

Blood test appointments

The Practice will not be running blood clinics between 4th – 16th September.
We would like to apologise for any inconvenience that may be caused by the change of systems.