Rights & Responsibilities

General Care

  • We will treat you with courtesy, respect and sensitivity at all times. 
  • We will endeavor to maintain the highest standards of medical practice at all times.
  • We will keep the consultation and your computer and written records confidential.
  • We will provide you with emergency care promptly when you need it.
  • We will endeavour to offer all patients access to a doctor within two working days for medical problems of any kind - though it will not always be possible to offer an appointment with the doctor of your choice.
  • We will refer you for appropriate investigations, consultant opinions and care at a hospital or clinic when both you and the doctor treating you agree it is necessary and would be of benefit.
  • We will give you a full and prompt reply to any complaints you make about the service we provide and try and change practices if this would improve care or standards to others.

Patient’s Rights to See Medical Records

Patients wishing to view their records must initially apply in writing to their GP. Once the GP agrees the request the surgery will contact you to make a mutually convenient appointment for you to read your records: this may incur a charge. When presenting at the surgery for this purpose you will be asked to produce some identification to enable us to maintain your right to confidentiality. Photocopies of records can be made at your request; a charge will be made for this service.

Patient Responsibilities

  • We ask all patients to be civil and polite at all times. There is no excuse for verbal or physical abuse towards doctors or their staff.
  • If you have a problem or complaint do not take it out on a member of staff, they are only trying to do their best for you. You should submit any concerns you have in writing to the practice manager.
  • Please keep your appointment. If you are unable to keep an appointment or the condition has improved, then let us know as soon as possible so that someone else can have your appointment. 
    Please do not ‘save up’ problems and then come to the surgery with a list. There will not be enough time during a routine appointment to deal with more than one or two problems.
  • If you move house, please inform the reception staff of your new address and telephone when you are in the surgery. This is of particular importance if you have been referred to a hospital or we need to contact you urgently. Please ensure your new address remains in the practice area.
  • If you are referred for a hospital outpatient appointment - please keep it or inform the hospital NOT the surgery as soon as possible. The NHS can ill afford to have appointments unused. It is also very important to tell the hospital of your new address if you are on a waiting list for an operation.
  • If you have a query regarding your hospital care please contact the consultant's secretary who will be happy to help you. Results of tests undertaken by your consultant are not routinely reported to the surgery.